The Zone

Welcome to The Zone. Use 'help' to see the commands.

You are in a forest. There is a rusted yellow device on the ground. You aren't sure what it is, but you hear a faint beeping.
You see a clearing to the south.

You enter the clearing and find an overgrown path which leads both east and west. Around the path, the pale grass grows tall, and you can just make out the remains of a dilapidated shed.
On the path east, you see the tips of telephone poles just above the treetops.
To the west, you hear the faint sound of moving water.
There is a forest to the north.

You follow the path to what seems to be a small neighborhood with little houses. All of the windows are dark, and some broken and grimy. The roofs of one of the houses has caved in, and moss has grown across it, undisturbed. Most of the doors to the houses are broken, except for one.
There is a paved road heading south.
There is a path heading west.

You enter the house. It only has one room. There is a hole where part of the ceiling has fallen in, and leaves litter the space. The walls are covered with a faded floral wallpaper which has mostly peeled off, revealing the old plaster underneath. You see a table in the corner.

There is a playground with a swing set where children must have played once. The chains on one of the swings have rusted off and it sits coiled in the dirt.
A ball sits next to it.
There is a paved road heading south.

You enter what was once the town square. A cracked fountain sits in the center, its basin now filled with mud and rainwater. You think you see shadows creeping across the ground, but it must be a trick of the light. There is a gravel road to the south

You follow the train tracks deeper into the woods. You hear a rustling in the bushes, and three giant boars slowly trot out. Their eyes glow an unnatural green that makes the hair on the back of your neck prickle. They glare at you.

You are on a gravel road, heading away from the town. You see evidence of power lines above the surrounding trees heading south.
There are old train tracks heading west.
The town is to the north.

You stumble upon the town's electrical transformers. The cables look like they were blown apart. A wire sticks out to your left. You see a large building to the south.

You pass the trees and see a large cement cylindrical building the size of an apartment block. There is a large crack in it that the wind whistles through ominously. There is a door that leads inside.

You enter the containment building. A rush of energy fills your body and you stumble to the floor.

Here is a list of commands:
go direction
pick up object
examine object
enter building
exit building